I became the person I needed when I was young and struggling with type 1 diabetes


Find out more about Lauren and what makes her a health expert  Learn More →

Find out more about Lauren and what makes her a health expert Learn More →

Nutrition is personal and specific to the individual. We make choices all day long about how to nourish our bodies inside and out based on learned behaviors. Studies show that humans think about food dozens of times per day, often under the influence of advertising that would prefer to make choices for us.

Yet, we inspire to be healthier and self-sufficient.

Food is medicine and a life source. It is also deeply rooted in culture and associated with family. Food is soothing and heart-warming. It can also be the enemy and our best friend, and we cannot survive without it.

Nutrition is a science. It can be complicated, conflicting, frustrating, and the kitchen can be a scary place. We have cravings. We have stress. We feel guilt. We must work. We must be caregivers. We must exercise. We must sleep. With all of our duties and emotions in life how do we make time for ourselves?

The question is: WHY aren't we?   

If you feel like the flood of nutrition information on the world wide web is so overwhelming that it leaves you in paralysis to make changes, you’re in the right place. I want you to throw out every diet book you’ve ever purchased and get on board with writing your own prescription.

Feeding ourselves is an art and skill to be honed and improved upon. My method of nutrition education is designed to build your confidence in making healthy choices; choices that become permanent behaviors that fit within the reality of your daily life.

No fads. No deprivation.    


Eat from the earth. 

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