Daily Life and Language


I went pro when I was 11. Drawing up shots is in my nature. Two a day, rain or shine, in a moving car, on a plane, in public, and in front of friends who are scared of needles. I can’t let their fear stop me.

Needles are the most harmless part of diabetes. Emotions, thoughts, and feelings are the scariest part.
It’s not how we feel about ourselves but how diabetes is perceived and then reflected back on to us that can hurt.
1. Don’t feel bad for a person with T1D. Tell them they are amazing.
2. Don’t say “I’m scared of needles”, to a person with T1D. Tell them they are badass and fearless.
3. If you have T1D and suddenly find yourself having a bad day, STOP, and see yourself; You are a person first. Diabetes is a partnership. Remember who you are and what you love. You are not your A1c, or a test strip, or a pump. You are YOU. You are strong. Believe that you are are unbreakable and so you are.