Nutrition Counseling, Coaching, and Speaking

Welcome! You'll find below that LP nutrition consulting is much more than a clinical visit and nothing less than personalized attention to your specific nutritional needs. In person visits available in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area or phone coaching anywhere in the U.S.!

Lauren is an experienced and captivating public speaker. She has a knack for pulling her audience in and presenting evidence-based information as relatable and applicable to daily life.

She has presented on various topics including: sleep nutrition, exercise for type 1 diabetes, and plant-based nutrition. She is available to speak to small groups, schools, corporate facilities, and medical practitioners.    

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initial consult - 90 minutes

$price to be determent after free 15-minute phone call$ 

Includes health assessment, nutrition education, customized action plan based on your goals + follow-up plan.    

Discussion may include any or all of the following:

  • energy and macronutrient recommendations

  • meal planning and recipe development

  • nutrient timing and meal frequency

  • grocery planning, eating meals out, and travel nutrition

continuous contact post 90-minute initial consult - 2 or 4 weeks

$price to be determent after Initial consult$ 

consulT for type 1 diabetes - 90 minutes                              

$price to be determent after free 15-minute phone call$  

Initial consult specific to people living with type 1 diabetes.

Please send the form below to set up your free phone call with Lauren. 

This meeting complements your endocrinology visit and is not meant to replace your doctor.  

Discussion may include any or all of the following:

  • carbohydrate counting

  • nutrient analysis

  • meal timing and balanced eating

  • weight management

  • exercise management/sports nutrition


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