Do you have diabetes and physical activity has always been a challenge?

Maybe you regularly exercise but you still haven’t found the balance between nutrition and blood sugar during activity?

I know it’s quite the puzzle and I’ve been working on it most of my life! Exercise requires a certain amount of preparation without having diabetes and when you consider all the factors, T1D can be a lot of work.

Let me help you learn what you need to know to be successful as a person with diabetes who is also an athlete.

An athlete doesn’t have to be competitive, win races, or post personal records on social media. An athlete is someone who works towards being skilled at physical activity of any kind. With knowledge and practice, anyone can be an athlete.

We are individuals first and also people who happen to live with diabetes.

We have unique nutritional needs, interests, and fitness goals just like any human being trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

T1D management is a partnership within all other aspects of what makes us who we are and we are not defined by our A1c.

The more you understand the way your body reacts to physical activity and what it needs to fuel properly, you will be a force to be reckoned with no matter how intense your workouts are.

From yoga to weight lifting to triathlons, specific steps can be followed to master them all, while helping to overcome anxiety or fear about blood sugar and getting a good nights sleep.


any achievement involving three successful outcomes:

1. insulin

2. nutrition

3. exercise

Everyone with T1D is at a different stage of glucose management.

Some of us may thrive with what seems like effortless blood glucose control, while others struggle with daily fluctuations.

Keeping track of test strips, dosages, and technology can be so overwhelming!

I will meet you where you are in the learning process because it’s so easy to cave under the pressure of perfectionism and expectations about nutrition and glucose control. 

Golden Rule: Never leave home without carbs!

This example shows preparation at work: 22g eaten right at the start of aerobic exercise lasting about 60 minutes. You CAN do it!

I am so glad that I found Lauren! She is warm and approachable, and immediately did a great job of understanding my lifestyle, needs, and goals for overall health and well-being. Lauren provided a straight forward, plant-based approach to fuel my active lifestyle while managing my type 1 diabetes. She is professional and extremely knowledgeable about all things nutrition including how to optimally balance blood glucose levels before, during, and after all types of exercise. After my progress had stalled from the initial approach, she immediately jumped in with a refined plan and specific guidance to change habits and help me reach my personal health goals. I especially love the nutritional minimalism of her approach, making it easy to assemble healthy and delicious meals every day of the week. She is a phenomenal resource and I know I will continue to benefit from her expertise as I work towards my health goals.
-Laura, 32 years of thriving with T1D

My professional goal is to support people with T1D of all ages with nutrition education specific to their individual needs with regular exercise. My philosophy is evidence-based through sports nutrition research but also from many years of personal trial and error while

becoming more physically fit.