T1D management is a partnership within all other aspects of what makes us who we are.

Hemoglobin A1c does not define us. We are individuals first. Individuals with unique nutritional needs, interests, and fitness goals. 


any achievement involving three successful outcomes:

1. insulin 

2. nutrition 

3. exercise 

One thing I have learned is that people with T1D are all at different stages of glucose management. Some may be thriving with what seems like effortless blood glucose control, while others struggle with the basics. Keeping track of test strips, dosages, and technology, can be so overwhelming! I believe in meeting a person where they are in the learning process because it’s so easy to cave under the pressure of perfect nutrition and an impressive A1c. 

Golden Rule: Never leave home without carbs!

This example shows preparation at work: 22g eaten right at the start of aerobic exercise lasting about 60 minutes. You CAN do it!


My professional goal is to support people with T1D of all ages with nutrition education specific to their individual needs with regular exercise. Nothing makes me more excited than to work with athletes with T1D!

I am very driven to provide education that I would have found valuable when I was a teenager. My philosophy is evidence-based through sports nutrition research but also from many years of personal trial and error while becoming more physically fit.