Soba Sundown

I gotta say, I’ve probably made thousands of salads in my adult life, and this one is definitely up there in proudest culinary accomplishments. It is known that dietitians are rarely chefs, but every once in a while I get really excited about making something where I feel like I have the cred to put my veggies where my mouth is! One reason why I’m so fond of this dish is because of how beautifully balanced the nutrients are. On calories alone, the entire portion is a reasonable amount for one meal, but as you mix up the ingredients you’ll see that it’s a massive portion of noodles and veggies.


Giant recipes with a long list of ingredients really intimidate me, so I’ve tried to simplify these directions as much as possible. I love when I can just chop up my veggies and toss in spices and flavors without measuring to shorten the time. However, the dressing in this dish is worth being more precise, as it’s a delicate balance of acid with spices, herbs, and fat. Also, I have to admit that the first time I made this it took quite some time to prep, but I’ve since cut that time in half. Now, I know what I need to do to speed up the process! Practice makes perfect and doubling up this recipe would be an excellent idea for meal prepping your week.


Macronutrients are a bit tough to calculate when you’re adding very low calorie ingredients like cabbage, watercress, green onions, herbs, and bell peppers, so feel free to round up a little as you chop, as this will not significantly throw off carbohydrate grams. However, if you’re taking insulin, be as close as possible to the original recipe.