2018 is all about you, babe!

For many of us, January is about beating the weather. It’s dark, below freezing, and getting up early is extra hard. Who has time to make a New Year's resolution when the snow needs to be shoveled? Maybe you already go to the gym a few hours each week and eat a serving of vegetables each day. Maybe you’re doing just fine without setting the bar any higher and you don't need motivating. However, it only takes seconds to be influenced by "fit-sporation" or pursued to try a fad diet. Deep down, we all really want to be healthy but habit change is hard.  

I don’t know about you, but I get sick and tired of the constant flow of media trying to tell me how to eat. Titles like: 12 foods for a beach body and 10 foods for a slim belly might catch your eye because they suggest a quick fix. Truth is, we are all different. Not a new concept, friends.

Nothing is juicier than an enticing idea that might be the answer to getting something we really want. I’m a fan of goal setting but with goal setting often comes patience and that is not necessarily the desirable method.

If there is anything I know about metabolism, it doesn’t like to be jerked around. I often teach that no matter what we attempt in the course of weight loss, eventually, the body wins. Natural physiology will outsmart the process in defense. The perfect example is an extreme low-calorie or low-carb diet. The common outcome is fast weight loss. High protein intake beyond what your body actually needs is an easy way to dehydrate. Try sticking to this diet on vacation or during the holiday season. It’s just not sustainable for a handful of reasons.

The outcome of a depletion diet is inevitable weight gain as soon as the body begins to absorb an adequate amount of nutrients again. When energy stores (glycogen) are depleted for the sake of weight loss we start to breakdown lean tissue and lose muscle mass, while risking metabolic meltdown. The body interprets lacking nutrition as a threat and it will win the fight by retaining fat. Those intense headaches and sugar cravings are metabolic cries for help that you will eventually give in to. You’re not weak for craving chocolate. It’s about survival! Good luck trying to convince your metabolism to act appropriately the next time you attempt to lose weight by cutting out carbs. Our body fat keeps us alive and glucose, provided only by digesting carbohydrates, is our life source.   


Here is my recommendation for 2018: EAT FOR YOU.

Take a solo trip inside your own body with a goal of self-discovery. You deserve to own the shape of your body and the specific type of nutrition and exercise that works for you. Spend less time searching for motivation and more time moving your body, meditating in thought, and internalizing positive energy.

We spend so much time looking for motivation from social media and magazines. Why pay for a trainer or dietitian when Instagram has millions of videos on diet and exercise? Because a video won’t check in, ask if you’re sticking to your individual plan, encourage you to get to the grocery store, and remind you that patience and consistency are the winning qualities to lifelong health.