Type 1 diabetes + Plant Based Nutrition

My specialties are undeniable: type 1 diabetes and plant based nutrition.

Over a decade ago, I made the decision to eat in alignment with my morals by choosing to eat food that is made from plants and avoid anything produced by animals. The results were so positive that my curiosity sent me to school to learn about nutrition, which lead me to my calling to become an educator.

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walking in my shoes with T1d

My experience with type 1 diabetes is both traumatic and hilarious. Writing has been a release of energy through my finger tips directly flowing from my mind to my heart, but I kept a lid on it for a long time. Recalling memories that seem to have been stuffed in a box and dropped in a well can be a terrifying idea yet, it’s an opportunity for healing.

If we allow ourselves to dig down deep and peel back layers of emotion we open up the opportunity to learn, forgive, grow and move forward. So, in an attempt at bravery, I popped the lid and embraced what was inside. What I had discovered was a time capsule buried in childhood memories but under the shadow of adult responsibilities.

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It’s no secret. I’m vegan.

I was a study of one with positive results but no understanding of why the method was working. Even though I was told that I wasn’t going to succeed, I put myself through nutrition school and became a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.

I immersed myself in research to understand how an insulin dependent body functions best under various conditions. I went through study after study on diabetes, looking for everything I could on metabolism to insulin resistance and sports nutrition. The conclusion I came to with the purpose to decrease insulin requirements while lowering body fat was to eat a diet primarily of plants.

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T1D + Exercise

I am a national educator for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

More info coming soon!